American Record Guide: "I love, love, love the Scarlatti."

"...the playing on this self-produced first album is, in a word, spectacular...A release like this reinforces my long-held contention that great artists come from anywhere, not just New York, London, or Berlin (Susi hails from St. Louis) and that—in spite of everything—there are still a few exciting artists making real music and taking real chances with it." American Record Guide
"Susi is a gifted technician who executes the myriad ornaments in the [Scarlatti] sonatas with crispness and ease. The clarity of his playing is a delight to hear...He is an innovative musician and aggressive thinker with a gift for keyboard brilliance." The WholeNote
"This premier recording reveals he’s a great technician, that he’s sensitive to the style of pieces he presents, and has a vision for engaging the listener with variety and diversity in his programming...I have to admire a performer who is willing to challenge listeners in 'seeing' and hearing new relationships in music." Audiophile Audition


These are some highlights of positive press that my debut recording, Scarlatti Now, has been receiving over the past few months! Reviews have appeared on the web or in print from The WholeNote, American Record Guide, and Audiophile Audition, with a forthcoming review in International Piano. Needless to say, I am deeply gratified to read critics' thoughts and impressions of my disc in print!


Links to full reviews are available here:

Sebastian Herrera writing at Audiophile Audition

Alex Baran writing at The WholeNote